Misogyny and harassment

In the short story “Tell the Women We’re Going” by Raymond Carver, one of the main themes is that of misogyny. This is highlighted even from the title. The line “Tell the women we’re going” suggests Bill's view of the women as a separate group, one he distances himself from. It also suggests his dismissive view of women in general and implies his belief in the superiority of men.

The women of the story are not seen as people with their own thoughts and motivations, but only as objects in relation to the men. Even the mention that “Carol and Linda got along fine” (p. 182, l. 30) is only considered meaningful because of the way it impacts Bill: “Bill was flattered when Carol said that, confidentially, Linda was ‘a real person’ ” (p. 182, ll. 30-31). Riley is also misogynistic, as he asks, “ ‘You boys getting any on the side? Jerry, the last time I seen you, your old lady was six months gone’ ” (p. 184, l. 22-23). This implies his belief t...

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