Style of language

The language in the short story “Tell the Women We’re Going” by Raymond Carver is informal. The style of language is casual, with few adjectives and many verbs, focusing mainly on describing the action. This use of word classes is typical of minimalistic texts.

There are several slang words or expressions used, both in the narrative, as well as in the dialogue. Some examples are: “banged the same girls” (p. 182, l. 5), which is slang for having sexual relations; “there was no boss to get on your ass” (p. 182, l. 9), a slang expression meaning “to bother”; “Carol had one in the oven again” (p. 183, l. 7), meaning she was pregnant. Many of the slang words used by Jerry are offensive terms for women, such as “bitches” (p. 185, l. 16), “cunt” (p. 186, l. 28), and “cock-teasers” (p. 187, l. 24), which serve to highlight Jerry’s misogyny, his objectification of women, and his belief that women act only to tempt men. 

The narrative uses several negative words to suggest Jerry’s frustration with his domestic responsibilities. For example, as Jerry st...

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