Jerry Roberts

Outer characterization

Jerry Roberts is 22 years old, but according to Bill, he looks a lot older. He is not physically described in the story “Tell the Women We’re Going” by Raymond Carver. Jerry is married to Carol and is the father of two children, both girls. Jerry works as assistant manager at Robby’s Mart. Jerry and Carol own a nice house, with a wading pool and barbecue, suggesting that they are financially comfortable. He also owns a ’68 Chevy hardtop. Jerry is a smoker, as well as a drinker.

Inner characterization

Jerry is an impulsive and reckless person, with a tendency towards violent behavior. This is hinted throughout the story by his words and actions. For instance, whenever he finishes a can of beer, he mashes the can in his hand (p. 183, l. 31; p. 184, l. 34). When they enter the Rec Center, he punches Bill lightly in the stomach (p. 184, ll. 12-13). His driving style is also impulsive. 

Jerry is misogynistic. He is unable to see the girls as human b...

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