Bill Jamison

Outer characterization

In “Tell the Women We’re Going” by Raymond Carver, Bill Jamison is 22 years old. Bill is married to Linda, and they probably do not have any children. Bill joined the National Guard after he graduated and has a job at the Darigold plant. Bill has owned a car in the past together with Jerry, but is now considering buying a four-door Pontiac Catalina. Like Jerry, Bill is a heavy smoker and drinker. Bill also seems unfit, since he is out of breath when he climbs the hill, although this could also be taken as a sign of either anxiety or excitement.

Inner characterization

Like Jerry, Bill is a misogynist. While he does not call the girls offensive names, he does refer to Carol and Linda dismissively as “the women”, which suggests he perceives them as somewha...

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