How a handful of tech com­panies control billions of minds every day

Denne study guide hjælper dig med analyse af  talen “How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day” af Tristan Harris. Talen indgik i den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk B på STX den 31. maj 2021. Ud over hjælp til analyse får du også et summary af teksten og idéer til at diskutere den.


Her kan du læse et uddrag af vores study guide:


Harris builds ethos when he refers to his academic background: “And there’s a whole bunch of persuasive techniques that I learned in college at a lab called the Persuasive Technology Lab to get people’s attention” (ll. 18-20). Here, Harris refers to his college education at Stanford University, where he studied the ethics of human persuasion, which makes him appear knowledgeable and skilled as a speaker on this topic. 

What is more, Harris builds ethos whenever he refers to his previous job at Google: “I know because I used to be in one of those control rooms. I was a design ethicist at Google, where I studied how do you ethically steer people’s thoughts?” (ll. 5—6). By referring to his career, Harris appears knowledgeable. Moreover, his previous job makes him reliable, as he has experience when it comes to understanding how people’s minds are being manipulated. 

Moreover, ethos is built when Harris provides several solutions to the way in which tech companies and internet platforms take advantage of human ...

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How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day

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