Style of language

The short story “Store Room” by Doug Warshauer is written in a relatively informal style. The narration uses contractions, and the tone is casual and conversational. For instance: “Send me a picture, he had texted, so I recognize you. Which was obviously unnecessary, because who else would be living in their house, but he didn’t want to be surprised when he saw her.” (ll. 2-4).

The style of language and vocabulary reflects Brian’s worldview since the story is told from his perspective. 

Even when mentioning issues which are sad and hurtful, such as his father’s heart attack, or how his mother did not call or text for four years, the tone appears detached, free of emotional involvement. This suggests that Brian tries to repress his negative thoughts and feelings, in order to minimize his suffering. However, it is clear that he does feel hurt. For instance, in the following sentence, the tone is deliberately light and careless, in order to mask the fact that he feels disappointed in his mother: “You’d think she could have said my ...

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