Relationship with other characters

In Doug Warshauer’s short story “Store Room” it is relevant to consider the relationships which the main character, Brian, has with the other characters. 

Brian’s relationship with his mother is broken

Brian’s relationship with his mother is central to the short story. The mother was most likely very hurt by Brian’s decision to stay with his father after the divorce. Therefore, she has removed Brian from her life entirely, as well as from the life of his sister, Samantha. Brian’s sister is the one who has to explain the extent of his mother’s resentment to him:

'When the two of you moved away, we had a big bonfire. When it was burning, she looked at me very serious and said they are dead to us now. We will never speak of the, again.' (ll. 86-87)

The mother reacted in an extreme way when her husband and son chose to move away from her...

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