Outer characterization

Brian is the main character of the short story “Store Room” by Doug Warshauer. He is a 15-year-old boy (l. 7), whose parents divorced four years ago, when he was 11. His sister, Samantha, is two years younger than him (l. 7). 

Brian chose to live with his father in San Francisco after the divorce, while Samantha stayed with their mother. After the divorce, Brian lost touch with both Samantha and his mother. Brian’s father has recently died of a heart attack. 

Inner characterization 

Brian is perceptive and smart, so he notices the lack of photos of himself on the refrigerator and realizes that this reflects his mother’s attitude towards him (ll. 58-63). His assessment is blunt and sharp: “his mother must have taken them down at some point, put them away somewhere (...) Assuming she hadn’t thrown them in the trash.” (ll...

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