The young man

The main character in the short story “The Man Who Loved Flowers” by Stephen King is the young man. Other characters mainly play minor roles - such as the flower vendor, the woman whom the man mistakes for Norma, and the middle-aged couple. Several other characters that are only briefly mentioned include the people on the street, who admire the young man’s appearance.

Outer characterisation

The man’s outer characterisation reveals that he is a good-looking young man, but not necessarily what people usually call ‘beautiful’:

He was dressed in a light grey suit, the narrow tie pulled down a little, his top collar button undone. His hair was dark and cut short. His complexion was fair, his eyes a light blue. Not an extraordinary face, but on this soft spring evening, on this avenue, in May of 1963, he was beautiful… (p. 175, ll. 11-15)

The man’s inner state of mind influences his appearance. His thoughts and feelings enhance his looks and offer him a lovely aura, which impresses the passers-by. Throughout the story, the majority of the people who notice the young man are women: an old lady (p. 175, l. 7), “two women outside the washateria” (p. 179, ll. 10-11), “two teen-aged girls” (p. 179, l. 17), and a middle-aged married woman (p. 180, l. 29).

Nothing is said about the man’s profession, but at one point, it is mentioned that “he ...

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