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In this section, we will help you analyze the dilemmas faced by social media platforms and advertisers, as well as the reactions and possible solutions to the dilemmas. We give you some notes about the key points you might want to make about this topic, as well as suggestions for how you can find support for your points in the source material. 

Analyzing the dilemmas faced by social media platforms and advertisers

When discussing and analyzing this topic, it might be a good idea to structure your speech according to the two subtopics (discussing reactions and discussing possible solutions). 

Before doing this, you could focus on the ethics of social media platforms and analyze this concept in relation to the way advertisers react to it. 

When choosing your arguments, you should also consider how the sources help you. For example, almost all the sources look at social media platforms in a negative light and generally criticize Facebook and other social media platforms for their confusing policies and lack of reacti...

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