Understand the assignment

In this section, you can read about how to understand the instructions for the assignment. The instructions contain three important pieces of information, which we go through in detail below. 

Instructions for the assignment

Here are the instructions for Assignment 4A in English A on HHX on 2nd of December 2020 in their entirety:

As a student at the Department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics (LSE), you have been asked to give a speech to your fellow students. Your speech is entitled “Social media and social responsibility”.

In your speech, you analyze the dilemmas faced by social media platforms and advertisers. You discuss reactions and possible solutions to the dilemmas.

Write the manuscript in English.

Word count: 800-1200 words

Use the following sources:

– Stop Hate For Profit campaign (1:17)

– Brand boycott: what’s the future of ads on social media? (9:01)

– We’re Entering the Age of Corporate Social Justice

– Third of advertisers may boycott Facebook in hate speech revolt

All sources must be documented.

Rhetorical situation

The first two paragraphs of the assignment...

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