The role of the interviewer

The role of the interviewer is particularly interesting in Haskell's “Selena Gomez on Instagram Fatigue, Good Mental Health, and Stepping Back From the Limelight” - an article which was written based on an unconventional cooking interview with the pop artist.

Analyzing the article, we discover that Rob Haskell holds several roles. One is to make Selena Gomez comfortable enough so that she opens up and talks about herself. This is suggested from the first lines as we find out Haskell and Gomez decided to do the interview over dinner at his place: “I already have chicken simmering in green salsa, poblano peppers blackening on the flames of the stove” (ll. 3-4). This is a rather unusual setting for an interview, less formal and more personal.

Another role the interviewer has is to try to convey an authentic image of Gomez that people can relate to. This is achieved through des...

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