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Video: “Selena Gomez Emotional Speech at the AMAs 2016”

The video, “Selena Gomez Emotional Speech at the AMAs 2016” shows Selena Gomez fashionably dressed, humbly thanking her fans for their support.

Like in Haskell’s article, the video shows that being famous turns celebrities into role models for millions of fans. In the video, we see Selena Gomez accepting the Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist trophy she was awarded based on her popularity among fans.

In the video, Gomez talks quite openly about some of the costs of being famous, such as the fact that she wasn’t able to have any control over her privacy once she became famous. She also argues against people exposing their bodies on Instagram for validation. Furthermore, she claims having been unhappy even if she seemed to have it all.

These points are similar to the ones Gomez makes in Haskell’s article, when she talks about becoming addicted to Instagram and feeling unhappy because of the pressure of being a celebrity.

Text 1: “The Four Stages of Fame: How Celebrities Learn to Accept—and Regret—Their Popularity”

As your assignment asks you to also use other internet sources to discuss the benefits and costs of fame, we recommend t...

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