Selena Gomez's attitude to fame

Selena Gomez’s attitude to fame is analytically interesting in Haskell’s article "Selena Gomez on Instagram Fatigue, Good Mental Health, and Stepping Back From the Limelight".

Gomez’s statements suggest that she does not want to be an idol - an unreachable role model for fans. She prefers being authentic and showing them she is like any other person: “But Gomez and her ilk have gone further still, using their smartphones to generate a stardom that seems to say not merely ‘I’m just like you’ but ‘I am you.’(ll. 15-17). She is not just tapping into a tendency; what she wanted herself matches what her own fans wanted from her: “ ‘People so badly wanted me to be authentic,’ she says, laying a tortilla in sizzling oil, ‘and when that happened, finally, it was a huge release. I’m not different from what I put out there.’ ” (ll. 18-19).

The backstory about her route to becomi...

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