Forms of appeal


Although pathos and ethos dominate Rob Haskell’s article “Selena Gomez on Instagram Fatigue, Good Mental Health, and Stepping Back From the Limelight”, you will also find a few instances when logos (the appeal to reason) is used in the text.

Rob Haskell appeals to the reader’s reason by using facts and logical arguments. For example, he uses numbers to suggests how powerful Instagram popularity can be: “But real is precisely what I was expecting from the 24-year-old Selena, just as her 110 million Instagram followers (Selenators, as they’re known) have come to expect it.” (ll. 12-13).

In another instance, Haskell appeals to his readers’ reason as he talks about the challenges of child stars: “No child star enjoys easy passage through the morass of adolescence, and Gomez struggled to shed her blandly perky Wizards persona.” (ll. 81-82).

Sometimes, even Gomez appeals to reason when she is quoted explaining the cause of her hardships:

‘It doesn’t work that way, and I know it because I’m dealing with the same shit they’re dealing with. What I wanted to say is that life is so stressful, and I get the desire to just escape it. But I wasn’t figuring my own stuff out, so I felt I ha...

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