The topics of the article “Selena Gomez on Instagram Fatigue, Good Mental Health, and Stepping Back From the Limelight” by Rob Haskell are social media and being famous. The article shows that being famous is as full of challenges as well as rewards. At the same time, the article shows that social media can become similar to an addiction, also for celebrities.

The writer, Rob Haskell, does not act like a regular interviewer and tends to take Gomez’s side. The article targets Vogue readers, young and old, and Haskell seems to expect his readers to have a basic knowledge of Gomez’s life and career.

The writer uses a rather complex language, using various rhetorical devices. Through forms of appeal like pathos and ethos, Haskell encourages readers to respect and like Selena Gomez and see the human being behind the celebrity.

The circumstances of the speech included Selena Gomez stepping out of the lime line and social media. Gomez’s celebrity affected her well-being, and social media turned her into a role model although she was not prepared for it.

The writer’s intentions are to encourage readers to empathize with Gomez, criticize the entertainment industry, and expose the challenges of being famous.

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