Outer characterisation

Jewel Remedios is one of the main characters in the story “Say You” by Sara Collins, which follows her story with Cuban immigrant Abel. Her outer characterisation presents her as a beautiful young woman:

…Jewel Remedios, named after her grandmother, from whom she’d inherited penny-coloured hair that spilled over her shoulders like melting butter, dark eyebrows and a full cheeked face that crisped up in the sun as quickly as the edges of a frying egg. (ll. 8-10)

Jewel's outer characterisation changes when she becomes pregnant: “Jewel’s cheeks began to look pinched, she lost weight…” (l. 84).

Inner characterisation

Jewel’s inner characterisation is conveyed using the first-person narrator’s perspective, focusing on her actions and attitude.

In the beginning of the story, we find out that “…Jewel Remedios lived for nothing if not to be envied” (l. 11), suggesting that she takes pride in being a beautiful woman and enjoys attention.

She is the first one to go out with one of the Cuban refugees, a man who tells her his name is Abel. The fact that she is the first to find a boyfriend suggests that she is confident and outgoing. However, their relationship soon becomes sexual, and Jewel’s reaction suggests that she might have had limited previous experience: “…when she’d seen his thing poking out at her like a dowsing rod, she’d slid straight off the deckchair and thrown up all over his sneakers…” (ll. 38-39). This is also suggested by the fact that she gets pregnant by accident later on.

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