The female narrator in “Same Same but Different” by Anne Hayden is on a date with Luke, a man she met on an online dating site. During their date, she is distracted by a song that reminds her of her twin sister Molly. The song reminds the narrator of a trip to New York that she and Molly took, and about a karaoke bar called Same Same But Different.

She tells Luke that at that time she bought a vinyl record which was broken at the cinema by a friend. The friend is, in fact, her dead sister Molly, but the narrator does not want to tell Luke about her. The narrator recalls how Molly wanted to be famous and how she used to finish the narrator’s sentences.

Inventing a toothache, the narrator leaves Luke and walks around the streets of Melbourne thinking about Molly and her death. The narrator is from Dublin, but she moved to Melbourne to escape her sister’s memory....

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