Narrator and point of view

The storyteller in “Same Same but Different” by Anne Hayden is reliable because she recounts personal events in her life, namely the way she tries to deal with her sister’s death: “I moved to Australia a few months ago because I was tired of everyone’s pity and morbid curiosity at home. I wanted a fresh start, to be my own person...” (ll. 39-40)

Her perspective is one of limited knowledge. She does not know what other characters think unless they tell her. All that she can do is make assumptions based on their reactions:

“…he probably thinks I’m being ironic or something.” (ll. 4-5)

“But when I let out a moan, he stopped, went soft, and I still don’t know if it was because my moan wasn’t Molly’s or because it was.” (ll. 81-83)

“Sometimes I’ll say...


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