Act 5 summaries

 Scene 1: Mantua. A street.

Romeo is in Mantua and has not received Friar Lawrence’s message about Juliet’s fake death. Thus, when a servant arrives to tell him that Juliet is dead, Romeo believes it. He buys poison from a poor apothecary and plans to kill himself in Juliet’s tomb.

Scene 2: Friar Lawrence’s cell.

Friar Lawrence’s messenger, Friar John, returns to Friar Lawrence's cell to inform him that he has been unable to deliver the Friar’s letter to Romeo because of the plague. The Friar is worried that this unfortunate incident may prove fatal and decides to try to inform Romeo and Juliet.

Scene 3: A churchyard, outside the tomb of the Capulets.

Romeo arrives at Juliet’s tomb where he comes across Paris. They fight, and Paris dies. His last wish is to be buried next to Juliet, and Rom...

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