In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet we meet a lot of characters. You can find an overview of them at the bottom of this page (Fig. 1).

Naturally, the most important ones are the two protagonists who have lent their names to the title of the play. In the following pages, you can find a detailed characterization of Juliet and Romeo

We also give you a characterization of the young lovers’ parents - the Capulets and the Montagues - and discuss the role of parents in the play. On top of this, we explore the importance of surrogate parents in Romeo and Juliet

We also give you characterizations of the NurseFriar Lawrence, and other characters such as Mercutio.

In the following pages, you can find a detailed characterisation of the characters mentioned above. And here below we have made an overview of the central characters of the play. Click it for a larger image.

Fig. 1. Overview of the characters of Romeo and Juliet.