In the following pages, we help you analyze William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet

First, we guide you through the dramatic structure of the play where we use Freytag’s plot pyramid to break it down. In connection with this, we discuss the ending - does love triumph or not? 

Second, we give you our characterisation of the central characters. Naturally, the two main characters - Romeo and Juliet - are crucial to your analysis. However, other characters such as Juliet's Nurse and Friar Lawrence play imporant roles in the play, too. We guide you through the various relationships between the characters.

Third, we help you analyse the setting of Shakespeare's play which is set in Verona, Italy. We cover both the physical and social setting. We also outline how the setting is symbolical and contributes to the narrative technique.

Fourth, we help you tackle Shakespeare’s language and style. We show you how the play is full of literary and dramatic devices, such as metaphors, personifications, foreshadowing, or dramatic irony. We explain the different types of meter in the play, such as iambic pentameter. 

Curious? You can read the entire analysis of Romeo and Juliet in the following pages.

Further help


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