“Redeployment” by Philip Klay tells the story of Sergeant Price, a Marine officer who was deployed for seven months in Fallujah in Iraq, and is redeployed home. First, the soldiers are taken to a base to “decompress” and later they are flown home. On the plane home, the narrator thinks about killing dogs and people in battle, about losing some of the members of his platoon, and also about his wife and his dog at home.

When the plane stops in Ireland to refuel, the soldiers go out drinking, although the official rules say they are not allowed to. When they arrive in the US, they have to sort the luggage and the weaponry before they are taken to the meeting point with their families. During this time, Sergeant Price still does not feel at home, but he believes that seeing his wife Cheryl and his dog Vicar will help him.

At the welcoming parade, there are numerous families waiting for the soldiers with banners. The narrator also sees the father of one of the soldiers ...

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