Narrator and point of view

“Redeployment” by Philip Klay is a first-person narration. The narrator is a character in the story (Sergeant Price) and he recounts events that happen to him. Consequently, the narrator can be seen as reliable.


The first-person plural is meant to convey the idea that the narrator identifies with the soldiers in his platoon. The direct address “you” is part of a technique called ‘breaking the fourth wall’. The narrator addresses readers directly to establish a connection with them and keep them engaged with the short story.

At other times, the second person is used to refer to the narrator himself, to suggest that he no longer identifies with certain actions (like shopping) after returning from Iraq: “So here’s an experience. Your wife takes you shopping in Wilmington. Last time you walked down a city street, your Marine on point went down...” (p. 258, ll. 23-25)


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