Precious - the movie adaptation of Push

Push was adapted into the movie Precious in 2009, directed by Lee Daniels. The movie’s title was changed to Precious to avoid confusion, since a completely unrelated action movie that happened to be called Push was also released in 2009.

The movie was a box office and reviewer success, and also won a number of awards. Most notably, it received two Academy Awards - Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress (for Mo’Nique, who plays Precious’ mother). The director of the movie deliberately tried to cast actors that were not well-known in the main roles, though more mainstream names also make appearances in minor roles.

The movie is generally loyal to the plot of the book, though some details have been altered, and certain aspects of the tale receive more or less focus. For example, the movie adds a new character in the form of a male nurse named John McFadden, who shows kindness to Precious while she is...

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