The narrator

Outer characterization

One of the main characters of the short story “One of My Best Friends” by Peter Goldsworthy is the narrator. 

At the time of the narration, he is an adult, but he recalls events from his childhood. The narrator’s name is not given, and we do not have many details about his appearance. However, we can assume he is a white Australian. The story only shows that the narrator is the son of a police officer (p. 78, l. 14), who becomes a cop himself (p. 80, ll. 17-18). He gets married (p. 80, l. 16) and has “a couple of kids” (p. 80, l. 21). He also enjoys playing football (p. 80, ll. 31-32). 

Inner characterization

When the narrator recalls the events that happened when he was a child, readers find out that he was often the target of bullies because he did not fit in (p.78, ll. 16-19). The narrator talks about befriending outcasts only because “they were useful to break the ice with...

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