The writer of the essay “No Death Penalty, No Easter Bunny” is Colin Cohen, an American businessman who started writing while living in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

At the time the essay was published on the writer’s blog (2003), Cohen had already been publishing essays and short stories in magazines and books since 1984, so we can assume some parts of the audience were already familiar with his writing style.

In the essay, Cohen assumes the identity of a person who supports the death penalty to criticize those who are in favor of capital punishment. Exaggeration and intensive use of sarcasm, irony, and satire suggest the writer has a well-developed sense of humor: “…death penalty lies at the foundation of the Christian religion; and without such a policy, we would not only be without Christianity, but we would also be without Easter Bunnies.” (p. 68, ll. 6-8)

In the essay, Cohen expresses a number of absurd opinions, because he wants to suggest that promoting death penalty is absurd: “I propose that the laws be changed so as to enforce the death penalty on any person convicted of a violent c...

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