“No Death Penalty, No Easter Bunny” by Colin Cohen is a satirical essay, and the writer’s intention is the exact opposite of what he states in the text. In the text, his stated intention is to demonstrate to readers that capital punishment should continue to be implemented and should even be used at a larger scale, as it is economically, morally, religiously, and socially justified. However, the writer’s real intention is to criticize those who support the death penalty.

This overall intention is achieved through the extensive use of irony and satire, along with religious allusions. In this way, Cohen ridicules those who believe there are solid arguments in favor of death penalty: “…death penalty lies at the foundation of the Christian religion; and without such a policy, we would not only be without Christianity, but we would also be without Easter Bunnies.” (p. 68, ll. 6-8);

First of all, the writer wants to show readers how religion and morality can be reinterpreted in an absurd way to justify the death penalty:...

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