Overall intention

Mike Pence’s National Veterans Day Observance speech approaches two main topics: celebrating American veterans and the Trump administration’s new measures for veterans and the Armed Forces. The speaker’s overall intentions are to celebrate and thank American veterans, and to build trust in the Trump administration.

Celebrate and thank American veterans

The speaker is clear about this intention from the beginning of the speech: “today, Veterans Day, is the day when all across America (…) we pause to remember those who served and did come home.” (ll. 3-7). To achieve this intention, Pence also thanks veterans directly, using repetition to emphasize his message: “We are grateful for your service. We are grateful for your sacrifice.” (ll. 41-43)

Pence also creates ethos around veterans by speaking about their bravery both while in service and as civilians. He shares with the audience anecdotes about two veterans to illustrate this idea and suggest that heroism characterizes all veterans (ll. 215-219). This also helps with Pence’s intention to make the audience understand why veterans should be celebrated.

The anecdote about Vietnam war veteran Brian Thacker also helps with his intention to acknowledge Vietnam vetera...

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