Mike Pence begins his National Veterans Day Observance speech with a reference to Memorial Day (ll. 1-3), which helps him introduce one of the main topics and intentions of his speech – to celebrate all American veterans (ll. 3-7). He then briefly tells the audience about the origin of the Veterans Day holiday, and thanks the immediate audience and those across the country that continue to observe the holiday (ll. 8-16). This engages the audience by reminding them that Veterans Day is both an important tradition in American society, and has historical roots going back to the end of the First World War.

Pence informs the audience that he is bringing greetings from President Donald Trump. He explains that the President is traveling overseas, which implicitly assures the audience that the President knows the importance of Veterans Day, and that he is absent only because he is dealing with important state matters. Pence also quotes Trump (ll. 30-37) and his words are meant to convey the fact that the President has the utmost respect for all Veterans.  

The speaker then expresses the nation’s gratitude towards veterans (ll. 41-43) and promises them: “just as you fought for us, we will always fight for you.” (ll. 44-45). This prepares the audience for another of the speech’s topics – the Trump administration’s new measures and policies for veterans. However, the speaker does not go directly into this topic after th...

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