In the article “My seven-year-old son the boxer”, the writer Sarah Hughes explores reasons for and against letting her seven-year-old son pursue his interest in boxing.

Hughes begins her article by describing the events that led her son, Oisín, to be interested in boxing. The family went to see The Force Awakens and Oisín saw the trailer for Creed, a movie about the boxer Adonis Creed. Later, he watched the Rocky movies.

Oisín became very passionate about boxing and everything related to the sport. He started telling everyone he was going to become a boxer and became upset when a father from his school pointed out that the sport can be dangerous.

He wanted to visit Philadelphia, run up the Rocky steps, and get in the ring. Hughes became worried because she was afraid he would get injured.

Hughes then describes her experience as a journalist reporting on boxing events. She recalls t...

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