Susan Hughes’ article “My seven-year-old son the boxer” explores two main themes: reasons for and against letting children try boxing and changes in the boxing world. These themes are inspired by the writer’s doubts and fears about letting her young son participate in an aggressive sport like boxing and by her experience as a reporter covering boxing events.

Present her story and inform readers

The writer’s overall intention with her article is to explore reasons for and against letting her son try boxing. At the same time, she also aims to inform her readers of the dangers and benefits of boxing for children and adolescents.

Often, what gives more weight to the writer’s message and helps her achieve her intentions is the use of rhetorical devices such as personal stories and anecdotes, multiple references, enumeration, imagery, and rhetorical questions.

First, the writer aims to highlight the impact of movies and documentaries on her son: “I blame The Force Awakens.” (l.1); “He watched documentaries on the best boxers” (ll. 27-28).

To show the extent of Oisín’s passion for boxing. To achieve this, she enumerates several of his boxing-related activities:

Muhammad Ali died and he lapped up the tributes to the Greatest. He watched documentaries on the best boxers and held enthusiastic conversations with his bemused older sister (…). We would (…) find him rewa...

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