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When you work with the article “My seven-year-old son the boxer” by Sarah Hughes, you should also consider those statements and ideas that are particularly interesting or controversial.

The most interesting thing to comment is probably the writer's overall intention, since that is also one of the focus areas in the exam assignment. In particular, you consider whether she presents a balanced perspective on children and boxing or whether she seems to be biased in any way - preferring one side over the other. 

For example, you may note that she spends more time talking about the advantages of boxing than the disadvantages, letting her excitement for the sport shine through and moving relatively quickly past her discussion of the possible risks of the sport.  

Her choice of experts to cite is also interesting in this regard. When talking about the risks of boxing, she brings up the official conclusions of several major organisations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (l. 124), the Canadian Paediatric Society (l. 125) and the British Medical Association (l. 136-137). When she then moves on to attempt to counter these arguments, she restricts herself to individual sources who work within boxing (and who therefore may be biased in favour of it), such as Dr. Mike Loosemore (ll. 157-181) and coach Michael Kozlowski (ll. 188-211). 

One might assume that these individual sources are l…

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