The short story “My Girl in Skin-Tight Jeans” by William Boyd follows a linear plot structure with foreshadowing elements, and it is occasionally interrupted by the narrator providing insight into his thoughts and circumstances.

The main character is the first-person narrator. The other characters in the story – the three men, Loretta, and Luke – are secondary and very briefly described, as the story focuses mainly on the narrator’s inner conflict.

The physical setting of the story is a small resort-town in northern California, during early spring. The social setting explores the effects of mental instability, social isolation, and the manipulation of people’s emotions through mass media.

The entire story is told from the narrator's point of view. Several clues point to the fact that the narrator is unreliable, as he suffers from delusions and hallucinations.

The language used in the story provides several clues concerning the narrator’s mental and emotional state, his attitude towards the other characters, and his obsession with the girl in skin-tight jeans.

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