There are two major themes in Michelle Obama’s Commencement Address, which are additionally linked together in several ways.

Note that you are specifically asked to focus on these themes if you are studying the Commencement Address in connection with the exam question from August 18th, 2017. 

The first major theme is discrimination, especially against African Americans. We mostly see this theme in the sections about history, where she lists a number of concrete examples of atrocities and racially motivated hate crimes committed against the African American population at various points of American history, coupled with their efforts to fight back against said…



Michelle Obama uses both open and hidden argumentation in her speech. Both types are used to support the idea of the importance of education. 

She argues openly when she gives statistics about the benefits of education that suggest being educated will directly extend a person's lifespan, for example:

A recent study even found that African American women with a college degree live an average of six and a half years longer th…

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