Narrator and point of view

The short story “May the Best Man Win” by Kit de Waal is told by a third-person narrator

All the events and interactions in the story are described from Patti’s point of view. For instance, from where she stands she only sees “a corner of the screen at a sharp angle” (ll. 189-190), and she only knows what happens in the match by watching other people’s reactions. At the end, she can’t “stand it any longer” (l. 211) and goes to watch the resolution of the match. Until then, she appears more interested in watching Eddie: “while everyone else had their eyes on the telly she could look at him properly without anyone noticing” (ll. 190-192). Patti’s perspective also means that the descriptions of characters and events are sometimes connected to memories from Patti’s life. For instance, Eddie’s smile reminds her of a former teacher who ...

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