Outer characterization

Eddie Lovett is a main character in the short story “May the Best Man Win” by Kit de Waal. He has bright blue eyes (ll. 53-54), long, light brown hair, with streaks of grey and blonde (ll. 192-193), dimples and dark eyelashes (ll. 194-195). He is “tall, broad-shouldered, upright, solid” (ll. 195-196). He wears a blue trench coat, blue shirt, and thick black gloves. Patti notices he has the “sure-footed swagger of a king” (l. 25), which is why she nicknames him The King. He lives in London (l. 235).

Inner characterization

Eddie appears to be a friendly, agreeable man. He wants to watch the boxing match in the company of others, which suggests he is sociable. He also smiles often, and winks at Patti, which shows he is flirting with her. He is also good-natured and polite, both w...

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