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Det følgende er et eksempel på, hvordan et argumentative essay til 12 kan se ud. Eksemplet er baseret på en opgaveformulering fra skriftlig eksamen i Engelsk A på HHX fra den 20. august 2019.

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Eksempel på manuscript for speech

Good morning, everyone. My name is Patricia Fielding, and I am going to talk about the growth of the gaming industry, touching upon both its advantages and disadvantages along the way. Let me start by noting that I am an avid gamer myself, so my interest in this topic is not strictly business. However, there are many reasons why business students such as yourselves should keep an eye on the gaming industry.


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First and foremost, it is incredibly profitable. The gaming industry is predicted to be worth $138 billion by the end of 2018[1]. Furthermore, the recent trend towards games with in-game purchasing options means that the business model itself is becoming more reliable. In the past, game developers were reliant on product sales which typically spike at release and then decline dramatically over time. However, with games funded by in-game purchases, it becomes much easier to secure income every month. For example, the wildly popular game Fortnite is entirely free to download, but nevertheless generates an enormous income through in-game purchases[2].


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Secondly, the potential customer base is extremely wide, as a wide …

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