Losing Whiteness When You Lose Your Father

Denne study guide hjælper dig med analyse af artiklen “Losing Whiteness When You Lose Your Father” (2019) af Corina Zappia. Teksten indgik i den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk A på STX den 25. maj 2021. Ud over hjælp til din analyse, så finder du også et summary og idéer til diskussionen. Derudover har vi også lavet nogle hints til at skrive analytical essay om teksten.


Her kan du læse et uddrag fra vores study guide:


The article was published in 2019 on the website of Catapult magazine. Zappia addresses the article to people of mixed ethnicity, just like her. Throughout the text, she talks about the problems that mixed-race people come across, such as being the victims of prejudice or stereotype, like in the following example:

Other times, to lose whiteness is to be mistaken for your white father’s much younger Asian girlfriend. This happened to your sisters in Boston. They were sitting at a bar with your father when a man walked by and complimented your dad on his double score: Not one, but two Asian girlfriends. (ll. 35-37)

In this example, Zappia uses humor to show how she and her sister were perceived by people who could not imagine their father was white. 

What is more, the article specifically targets women of Asian descent. When she talks about “that Miss Saigon question” (l. 40), Zappia refers to the common prejudice that poor Asian women target white men in the military ...

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Losing Whiteness When You Lose Your Father

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