The male narrator in “Lightbox” by Emma Cleary describes Elsie and his relationship with her. Elsie is having a smoothie at a store cafe, and the narrator watches her. She seems happy after her therapy session. The narrator and Elsie go home, and as the narrator drinks beer on his balcony, he looks at Elsie’s potted flowers. He checks her online profile and the photo she just posted. The narrator is bothered by the many likes that the girl’s social media posts get, especially those from a co-worker of hers. Elsie is getting ready for yoga class, something which the narrator does not like very much but started doing after he met her. This evening, the narrator stays home and works on his laptop. He then watches the night sky and the neon lights of Empire Hotel, waiting for Elsie to return home.

When Elsie returns home, he watches her cook and dance at the same time, fascinated by her grace and beauty. The next morning Elsie leaves for work before the narrator gets up....

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