To gain a broader perspective on Emma Cleary’s short story “Lightbox”, we encourage you to consider aspects like current issues, literary period and similar texts.

Current issues

The story touches upon modern day issues related to the way technology has become an intrinsic part of people’s lives that blurs the line between public and private.

The story shows how an alienated man (with no social life of his own) engages in stalking behaviour, using modern technologies to track and survey all the movements of his victim. The narrator not only sees inside the victim’s house,...


Literary period

Published in 2015, the short story is a contemporary, postmodernist text. We consider fiction texts as postmodernist if they meet some of the features associated with this literary movement. Postmodernism developed following World War II and still defines literature today. Some of the postmodernist features that you can identify in “Lightbox” are:


Works with the same theme

For issues related to privacy, we recommend that you read stories like “Neighbors” by Raymond Carver and “The Personal Touch” by Chet Williamson.

In “Neighbors”, Raymond Carver explores the way people can easily overstep the boundaries of privacy if given a chance.


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