The most important character in the short story “Life for a Life” by Alan Paton is Sara Maarman, who develops as a result of the action. Other important characters to consider are Enoch Maarman and Robberste.

Sara Maarman is the most important character in the story as most of the scenes involve her and her development.

Enoch Maarman only appears in the first part of the story, before he dies - however, the family's investigations surrounding his death continue to be central to the plot. He is Sara's husband and the head-shepherd of the Kroon farm.

Robbertse is one of the white detectives assigned to investigate the death of the master of the Kroon. He is renowned for his short temper.

You can find Sara Maarman's, Enoch Maarman's, and Robbertse's characterisations in what follows.