Style of writing in lines 102-113

Here we offer you an analysis of the style of writing in lines 102-113 of “Let’s Go to the Videotape” by Fiona Maazel. These lines present Gus' video for school and Nick’s reaction to it.

The narrative perspective switches several times throughout these lines between father and the son, and this is reflected in the language. Particularly the fact that one of the characters is a young boy and the other a grown man can be seen from the words they use. Gus' language and point of view are visible in his dialogue in the video whereas Nick's language and point of view can be seen from his thoughts while watching the video.

In line 102, Gus is speaking to the camera, addressing an imaginary audience in his dialogue: “Okay, lemme get my stuff” (l. 102). Then the focus is shifted, and we see things with Nick's eyes: “Gus said, and moved out of the frame. And then: ‘Vroom! Vroom!’ as he sped two Matchbox cars across his bedspread” (ll. 102-103). The narrative voice becomes noticeable as the focus shifts to Nick: “Nick had often overheard Gus yapping about the cars” (l. 104). 

Just like Nick, the reader here sees for the first time just how affected Gus has been by the accident, and the reader shares Nick's shock and sadness for the lit...

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