The short story “Let’s Go to the Videotape” by Fiona Maazel only features two prominent characters.

The main character - and the one whose point of view we follow - is Nick Slocombe. He is the father of Gus and became a widower three years ago when his wife died in a tragic car accident which is still being investigated. Nick is struggling to move on and is trying his best to be a good father, but his own needs in that respect constantly seem to clash with those of his son. 

Nick’s 5-year-old son, Gus, is another major character in the story. The loss of his mother has left him with a speech impediment and - as it turns out - a feeling of guilt. However, he and his father never really talk about important things.

The short story mentionds a TV host and Nick’s friends, but they are all minor characters.

In the following pages, you can read a characterisation of Nick and a detailed analysis of the father-son relationship between Nick and Gus.