Walter Caufield

Outer characterization

Marnie’s father, Walter Caufield, is an important character in Dean Koontz’s short story “Kittens”. His outer characterization is mostly presented through Marnie’s point of view. We are not given a detailed physical description of him, but we do know that he wears “faded blue work overalls” (p. 422, l. 1), with “dark irregular splotches of perspiration discoloring the underarms” (p. 421, l. 33). He has a beard (p. 422, l. 2). We also know that he teaches Sunday school (p. 420, l. 12), and is a collections officer in the church (p. 420, ll. 13-14). He is also a farmer (p. 424, l. 25).

Inner characterization

One of the most important traits of Walter Caufield’s personality is his attitude towards religion. From the start, we are told that “he was a religious man” (p. 420, ll. 11-12). He is always chosen to read the Sermon on Laymen’s Sunday (p. 420, ll. 14-15), indicating that he is very involved in church activities. He also reads the Bibl...

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