Here are the elements which will help you with your analysis of Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Speech. 

The rhetorical situation is that the speaker is Kamala Harris, the current and 49th vice president of the United States. Her audience consists of the people who attended the Inauguration Day ceremonies, as well as those who watched her speech on TV. 

The composition of Harris’ Inauguration Speech can be split into three parts. In the first part, Harris gives tribute to former vice presidents and talks about the American aspiration. In the second part, she gives tribute to historical figures who helped build the nation. In the last part, Harris talks about Americans’ power to see beyond the current crisis and work together for America’s progress. 

The style of language is formal and uses brief and clearly expressed sentences that help Harris deliver her message effectively. 

Some of the rhetorical devices that Harris uses in her speech are direct address, allusions, and antithesis. The rhetorical devices are meant to inspire and convince the audience of the importance of starting a new chapter under Joe Biden’s presidency. 

The main forms of appeal in Harris’ Inauguration Speech are ethos and pathos. Ethos helps her gain credibility, while pathos helps her persuade and convince the audience to work together for America’s progress. 

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Speech analysis

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