The story continues with a flashback from earlier that day, when Mr Bryar attended the funeral: “Among the half dozen mourners, he had known only the solicitor who had introduced him to Marie ten years ago and had told him of her death last week” (p. 124, ll. 15-17). We find out Mr Bryar attended the funeral of a woman he met 10 years ago. We also find out that Mr Bryar and Marie had not seen each other for seven years, and that Mr Bryar had not even known that she was ill. A tension point is introduced when Mr Bryar mentions the state he was in during the funeral: "He wept uncontrollably." (p. 124, l. 20), as he was affected by Marie's death.

The story continues with the presentation of Mr Bryar buying a salmon. The description of the fish being gutted causes tension to rise. Another tension point is introduced when the f…

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