An analysis of the short story “It’s Beginning to Hurt” by James Lasdun shows that it is structured in a non-traditional manner. The plot lacks certain elements, such as rising action or climax. Several flashbacks are introduced when Mr Bryar recalls past times spent with his mistress, Marie.

The main character of the story is Mr Bryar, whom the narrative follows over the course of a day, from morning to evening. The story focuses on how a tragic event – the death of his former mistress – affects Mr Bryar emotionally. 

The events take place in London, in different locations. The story also focuses on the places where Mr Bryar used to spend time with Marie. The social setting deals with issues such as infidelity, keeping secrets, death, and trauma caused by losing someone.

The short story is told by a third-person narrator, who adopts the point of view of Mr Bryar, the main character. Readers get to know Mr Bryar’s most intimate thoughts and feelings and see the events through his perspective.

The language of the short story is relatively simple, though the author also includes several symbols which add to the overall meaning of the text. 

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Short story analysis

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