Themes and message

Lies and deception

The main theme in “How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman” by Deborah Moggach is the theme of lies and deception. This theme is illustrated by Ruthie and the way in which she adjusts to life in the countryside.

First, Ruthie never expresses her true feelings to her husband when following him to Somerset. She only admits that she begins to like the place some time after their move: “Afterwards he said: 'I've been worried about you, Ruthie. Have I been dominating? Selfish? Bringing you down here?' I shook my head. 'I'm liking it better now.' ” (ll. 224-226). There are also several hints that Ruthie lied and pretended to go along with Edwin’s enthusiasm about the countryside: “the crass high-street commercialism that Edwin was so relieved to escape. Me too, of course” (ll. 47-48). However, their meaningful conversation is the moment when the two spouses begin to be honest with each other and admit that their expectations were probably wrong. Edwin himself admits to being bored sometimes, while Ruthie admits to beginning to like Somerset.

Deception is present when Ruthie lies and deceives when it comes to tending to the house and the garden...

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