The short story “How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman” by Deborah Moggach tells the story of Ruthie, a young woman who has recently moved to Somerset with her husband and three children. The story begins with Ruthie and her husband, Edwin, finding out that the local council plans to build a ring road through the wood near their house. Although Ruthie knows the wood is not beautiful, she feels attached to it, because she sometimes walks there with her children.

Ruthie presents her thoughts about living in the countryside. She misses living in north London, where she and Edwin first moved together after their marriage. She recalls him losing his job and deciding to move to the countryside. In Somerset, Edwin works as a carpenter, while Ruthie stays home with the children, takes care of the house, and grows organic vegetables. Ruthie reveals that she misses human contact and the social dynamics of London. She also reveals that her love life with Edwin has grow...

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